About Us

Legacy meets Purity. This has always been our motto and will always be our motto. We have strive hard to give you the best products that you need. From powdered spices to essential oils, we got it all.

Thennal- not just a spice company

Thennal Legacy Meets Purity

We offer all sorts of powdered spices to oils. We use state of the art technology to powder the spices into its finest form.

We have been here serving our customers for years and will continue to do so with the same motivation and dedication and better.

We help in powdering turmeric, coriander, chilli, rice, atta, coconut and much more. We also deal with the production and sales of powdered products and coconut oils. All our products are 100% safe and eco friendly. We have and will never use artificial substances in any of our products.


years of experience and more than 1000 satisfied customers.